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Medical strength Organic products...
   They contain 80% active ingredient, a vehicle to bring them into the skin tissues and a natural preservative.
   Any product purchased at a store, on the internet or in a spa or salon are considered over the counter product. These products all have a minimum amount of active ingredients in them. They mostly contain fillers, chemicals, fragrances and other additives.
Now which do you think would be more effective????

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. The first step is to normalize your skin with a 5 step kit.
 After two weeks of using this regime you must add vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oxygen and other topically administered effective ingredients. If you are not sure what the next step us for a free phone consultation.
pure, high quality, intensive ingredients, organic, botanical, natural formulas


    The 5 ingredients you should be using on your skin. Hyluronic, Vitamin C, Peptide, Retin-A and oxygen. Each one of these nutrients are unique in their own way, yet so important for the health of the skin cells.

Clean, sterile environment
AHA/BHA CLEANSER- Gently loosens skin cells and excelerates the skin renewal process while polishing, brightening and clarifying surface of the skin......$35.00
ANTI-AGING CLEANSER Rich, hydrating cleanser stimulates skin cells and vitality of skin. While cleansing and balancing it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and leaves skin looking firmer and more radiant. 
BORAGE CLEANSER- Soothes and calms skin as it deep cleans, pampers skin with a gentle hint of lavender..35.00
CLARIFYING CLEANSER- Deep cleaning, antiseptic. Exfoliates impurities, dirt and excess oil that clogs pores and dulls skin.
SKIN SMOOTHING GEL- A real exfoliator. Deep cleans dirt, oil and dead skin cells. If used daily helps diminish scars, marks, sun damage and protect against future damage. reduces rosacea...45.00-10%/55.00-15%
SKIN MIST- Infuse your skin in vitamins or minerals and super hydrates and firms skin...30.00
PINEAPPLE COCONUTMOISTURIZER-Power packed with nourishing ingredients to normalize the skin while protecting it from free radicals and hydratation.
PRICKLY PEAR MOISTURIZER-The hottest skin care ingredient on the market today.All natural fortifying cream absorbs easily while protecting against free radicals, nourishing and energizes skin cells. It repairs and regenerates the skin suffering from environmental stress.A multitude of vitamins and minerals keeps skin hydrated and firm.
HERBAL SILK MOISTURIZER- An intesive composition of highly moisturizing herbs and botanicals formulated to meet the needs of dehydrated skin. Nourishes and protects the skin from the outer environment.
HYLURONIC SERUM-Naturally occuring in the skin hyluronic boosts hydration and elasticity. Can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.
VITAPLEX OR COMPLEX C- a multi-vitamin, anti-aging, revitalizing formula containing vitamins A,C, D, B5 and E along with nourishing oils and exclusive amino acids. Adds intensive nourishment and hydration to skin...65.00
PEPTIDE TREATMENT-Co Q-10 and japanese green tea helps reduce deep wrinkles and promote collagen renewal. Clinical studies show reduction of wrinkles by 40% while lightening brown spots and keeping skin hydrated...65.00
RETIN A- Encapsulated ingredients including retinol, beta gluten and amino acids. A great infusion of nourishment into your skin...75.00
EYE GEL/CREAM- Exotic ingredients soothe delicate eye area and helps maintain moisture balance and lubricate delicate tissue..20-35.00. The $20.00 is great for puffy eyes!!
VITAMIN EYE STICK-This  moisturizing eye treatment filled with vitamins and can used all day, over and under make up to keep eye lines at a minimum....20.00
SKIN LIGHTENER/FADING GEL-This great combination of ingredients reduce brown spots, melasma, age spots and slows melanin production to prevent new spots---45.00
DARK CIRCLE EYE CREAM-This powerhouse of stimulating ingredients dramatically diminish dark circles.......40.00
NECK AND DECOLLETTE CREAM- 8 active ingredients work together to strengthen the epidermal-dermal junction resulting in a firmer, tighter more youthful neckline.....40.00
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