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 These products have a vehicle to bring the products into the skin cells and tissues. (a unique process that make your products work)

PREMIUM PRODUCTS- Serums are highly intense treatments. One drop of serum is 100 times better than using a cream. These are high performance products, usually sold for over $100.00 a bottle. Our price $75.00
Collagen fluid, 24K gold facial serum, stem cell serum, peptides, vitamin C cream/serum, Retinol, Retin A, oxygen serum/fluid/cream

STEM CELL SERUM-  Strengthens skin cells and tissues. Promotes ell turnover and increases collagen. For fewer lines, wrinkles,and improved texture and tone.
CELLULAR REPAIR SERUM-Anti aging serum containing peptides, proteins, stem cells, and hyaluronic acid. Adds nourishment to tissues and cells. Super powerful. $75.00
PRECIOUS DROPS--Natural form of Vitamin A, great for dry skin. Nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates $75.00
Pure vitamin C formulas       VITAMIN C SERUM-Made of l-ascorbic acid the only one that penetrates the skin. Super powerful antioxidant repairs tissues from all kinds of environmental damage. Corrects past sun damage, smokers skin, fades lines and wrinkles, restore cells to a healthy condition. $75.00 
HYLURONIC SERUM--Boosts epidermal hydration level. Speeds up skin healing great for after aggressive treatments. $75.00
24 K brightening, tightening, clarifying formulas      24 CARAT SUSPENSION- Super powerful antioxidants, botanicals and essential oils. Stimulates collagen production, strengthens elasticity,adds intense hydration, restores skins radiance. NOW ONLY $125.00. Compare to name brands at $295.00
OXYGEN CREAM-The skin needs oxygen to improve many conditions. Oxygen is imperative for bright, healthy, glowing skin. Breathe oxygen into your skin, recharges dull, sluggish skin promotes collagen synthesis. $65.00

PUMPKIN SERUM-Rich in vit E, zinc, omega 3&6, collagen boosting antioxidants. Brightens dull skin, fades dark spots and helps with skin renewal. This is an amazing serum!
Fresh, organic, natural, vitamin, mineral serum, high quality, intensive ingredientsSUPER ANTIOXIDENT SERUM-A blend of antioxidants and peptides with resveratrol, one of the most powerful ingredients to prevent skin cell damage caused by environmental pollutants. Clinically proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. An important step to keep pores unclogged and skin bright and smooth.
RETINOL-Unique encapsulated delivery system diminishes fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne, oily skin and brown or age spots. Stimulates cell regeneration enhances skin tone and texture.
Resveratol, nourishing, anti-oxidant. natural     
RESERVATROL RED WINE SERUM- A superior treatment which protects against free radicals. Lifts, tightens, tones and rejuvenates stressed and fatigued skin. Raises blood circulation, detoxifies and  minimizes the aging process.
BLUEBERRY BLISS-Blueberry is an intensive skin repair serum. Provides skin with additional elasticity and reduces sign of aging  and restore your healthy glow. Made with organic cold pressed blueberries. Light, refreshing and quickly absorbed.
SNAIL ELIXER-This rare imported serum is packed with an abundance of nutrients formulated to repair, hydrate, brighten, smooth and firm your skin. Great for rosacea, age spots, bumps and boosts elasticity.
  Normal Skin
  Oily Skin
   Dry Skin
  Acne skin
   Over 35 Years Old
Brown spots
AHA/BHA cleanser 
Borage Cleanser
AHA/BHA Cleanser 
Clarifying cleanser
Borage Cleanser
Anti aging cleanser
Acne Soap
AHA/BHA or Eucylptus Cleanser
Borage Cleanser
Anti aging cleanser
AHA/BHA/ Cleanser
Renewal gel
Smoothing gel
Smoothing gel
Smoothing gel Renewal gel
Hydrating MistHydrating MistHydrating MistHydrating MistHydrating MistHydrating Mist
Hyaluronic serum
Retinol serum
Squalane serumRetinol serumSqualane serumRetinol serum/Vitamin C
Cellular repair serum/collagen serumVitamin C serumCellular repair serum/collagen serumVitamin SerumCellular repair serum/Collagen serumPeptide serum or lotion
24 K gold serumOxygen cream24 K gold serumOxygen cream24 K gold serum24 K gold serum
antioxidant serum
Smoother skin super antioxidant serum
smoother skin
Vitamin C cream antioxidant serumVitamin C serum antioxidant serum
Herbal Silk moisturizerSage and citrus moisturizerHerbal silk moisturizerSage and citrus moisturizerHerbal Silk moisturizerHerbal silk moisturizer
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What women everywhere are saying...

OMG...I am 33 years old. My skin was a mess. Acne, scars, large pores, brown spots, and wrinkles..I was under a dermatologist care for over 10 years. My skin never really got clear, after 6 weeks of treatment with Mrs. Yopp I am estatic.. My skin is beautiful I don't even have to wear make up...Thank you You'e the best!!!!  S.J., Miami, Fl.
I am a physicians wife and grandmother of 4. Before going to Mrs. Yopp I was having skin care treatments at many different spas and salons. After a short time of seeing Mrs. Yopp my skin looked like it was younger and healthier. I have now been a patient for over 20 years... No one believes I'm as old as I am!!!!
I am so grateful...Love you , Love my skin.
RJ Ettinger

 Denise was able to reduce the appearance of my stretchmarks, on my stomach after having two children, I am no longer afraid to wear bikini's at the beach as she has diminished the size, color, and they are no longer raised. I also decided to have a little permanent make up done to my eye brows, just to make them fuller and darker, as well as more even. She not only matched the color perfectly, but was able to provide a numbing cream that really helped with the fear or being tattooed and needles! They now look thicker and fuller, naturally. Due to the way she added stokes that look like hair, versus other friends I have seen that literally look like some one slapped a tattoo on their forehead (sorry friends). I now confidently refer my family and friends!
M.R. Spiner

 I was looking to have permanent makeup done on my eyebrows and had heard great things about Denise, she was very knowledgeable about the products she was using and educated me well about the natural dyes and pigments that were going into my skin,which made me feel very comfortable. I can not express what a relief it was finding a great person who was honest and did such a great job especially with something that is going to stay with me for a very long time, Thanks, Denise   
Dr. Espinosa

High quality, intinsive, natural, organic, botanical ingredients for quick, dramatic, intensive results