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                  Best Brow artist ever!!!

Microblading, Eyebrow embroidery, 3-D eyebrows,
Micro pigmentation, Feather touch, Feathering, Permanent Make up, Derma pigmentation, micro pigmentation.

      Microblading is also called eyebrow embroidery or 3-D eyebrows all done with a hand held manual tool. It is more expensive than permanent make up, and is not permanent. Permanent make up can be done with the same hairstrokes as microblading. Both techniques look equally as good, permanent lasts longer.
We can do single color, color with powder inset or triple color for the most natural effect.
sapphire blue eyelinerpermanent eyelinerBright Blue eyeliner

before and after blonde eyebrows
Black thin lash eyeliner

Before and after eyebrows and eyeliner

Ethnic skin- before and after eyebrows
Before and after eyebrows


Hair simulation



permanent eyebrows
permanent eyebrow fill in for men



permanent Eyebrows

ombre full lip, two tone permanent make up, fuller lips, full lip, pouty lipTwo shades darker than natural full lip permanent make up
Natural or balayage lips





Lip Blush

Lip Blush

Rose tone

       How to choose a permanent make up artist


                     THIS IS YOUR FACE,  YOUR WINDOW TO THE WORLD....   
Permanent make up....Perfect beauty.. everyday!  Make up perfectly applied enhances, defines and perfects your facial features.
    Price should not be on the top of your list for finding a permanent make up technician. You are not buying a dress, you are buying something worn on your face...every single day. ALL PERMANENT MAKE UP TECHNICIANS ARE NOT ARTISTS. IF THEY PULL OUT STENCILS FOR YOUR EYEBROWS.....RUN.
           **A technician should be artistic, educated and experienced.
  *Professionally applied eyebrows can make you look like you had an eye lift. Applied in a soft looking eyebrow pencil effect or natural hair strokes.  
  *Brighten and bring out your best feature, your eyes.... the windows to your soul..offered in various colors to enhance the color of your eyes.Performed in one or two shades for the ultimate natural look.
  *Lip liner can achieve the perfect shape of your lips, keep your lipsick on , make your lips look pouty or enlarged or even smaller if you desire.Performed in two or three shades to achieve a soft, natural appearance.
  *Beauty marks- carefully applied to look natural.
 I also do corrections, (color or shape)
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be excited you found us. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION, so we can get to know each other better and examine your needs and desires.