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Who we are, what we do, and why we were put on this earth???                         Denise  Yopp                 Master Medical aesthetician
*One of the first para-medical estheticians and permanent make up artists in  Florida. 
*Director of the spa at the Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel in Miami Beach, Fl. 
*Working with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and opthamologists. 
*Accomplished speaker and lecturer, traveled across the country providing seminars and workshops teaching advanced education.
*Educator of clinical skin care college level classes.                                   
 * Featured in:
     *The Miami Herald
     *Vanidadas Magazine
     *South Florida Magazine
     *WQAM Kiss country radio
     *P.M Magazine
Her energetic creativity and wealth of knowledge is astounding. Today she offers effective, customized result oriented skin care  treatments while promoting harmony, relaxation and results. "My goal is to remodel the way your skin functions from the cellular level up to the outer surface. Drenching the skin with nutrients to correct, prevent and maintain the highest level of healthy skin. Improving collagen, elasticity, boosting immunity against free radicals, and promoting ingredient penetration is the only way to achieve this. Working with the physiology of the skin, not against it." In office treatments.

Facials..Deep clean, relax, and nourish the skin.These medical facials provide removal of surface debris, excess oil, and deep cleaning of the pores
Megaderm is a more aggressive  yet superficial treatment without downtime or redness. This treatment polishes the skins surface while stimulating collagen and elasticity.
                                  Some of the services we provide includes
                 Deep pore cleanings             Acne facials 
                 Back facials                         Oxygen facials    
Age reversal facials               Facial cocktails
Medical microdermabrasion     LED photo facial therapy   Vitamin/mineral infusions       Vitamin C facial               
Skin de-stressing facials         Rosacea facials
Sensative skin facial              Organic facial
Menapausal skin                    Smoker's skin
Age management                   Hydration treatments
Chemical peels for:                    
     dehydration, brown spots, scars, smoker's skin.  Glycolic peels, salicylic peels, wine peels, stem cell peels, vitamin C peels, Green tea peels, pumpkin peels, vitamin A peels, retinol peels, jessner's peels, TCA peels.                                                                                        
         What are peels?  Skin exfoliation is important to normalize the cycle of healthy skin. It dissolves the glue that holds the dull, lifeless cells together and allows the new healthier cells to the surface more quickly. Exfoliated skin is more moisturized, smoother, and brighter. You should not see any peeling or have down time as these are peels that dissolve the skin immediately and usually don't peel over several days. Your skin may feel dry or tight and possibly sensitive to sun or sweating. Good product support is the key to to a beautiful outcome. Some of the peels we offer include:
       Vitamin A peel                              Oxygen peel
       Vitamin C peel                      Stem cell peel
       Glycolic peel                         Wine peel
       Salicylic acid peel                  Jessner's peel
       Green tea peel                      Pumpkin peel
       Lactic Acid peel                     Acne peel
       Brown spot peel                    Lightening peel
       Anti-aging peel
           Vitamin and hydration infusions, scalp massages, hand treatments
   Decollette treatment (for women over 40)
   Eyelash Eyebrow tinting
   Individual eyelash application
   Natural eyelash enhancement
We provide age appropriate treatments....
Our skin changes biologically through the years. 
In our 20's-It is scientifically proven that by the time we reach age 21 80% of skin damage has taken place due to sun, diet, and sleep schedule. Free radical damage and toxicity needs to be repaired in order to prevent premature aging, lines, wrinkles and age spots.
In our 30's-Collagen, and elasticity begin to decline as the first signs of lines and wrinkles start to show. Skin takes on a dull uneven one and texture. It is important to rejuvinate cells, reduce free radicals and pump skin up in order to prevent pre-mature aging
In our 40's-The adipose tissue diminishes leading to thinner, sensitive skin. The moisture barrier begins to decay causing sunspots, freckles larger pores and spider veins. It is important to boost the hydration level while evening the tone, elasticity and hormonal changes. 
In our 50's and beyond-More intensive vitamins, minerals and stimulating of skin cells boosting hydration, collagen and elasticity production. Tightening, firming, clarifying the skin.

Confused about what treatment is good for you?? Don't be, after a thorough consultation we will decide together.               
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Skin exfoliation, skin stimulation, clear skin Our megaderm treatments are of the highest quality treatments available. Using European equipment which provides more intensive treatments than American made. One treatment is equivalent to three spa or salon treatments. Come....See for yourself !!!
skin analysis
Permanent Make-up
                  Completely safe!!
Mrs. Yopp has over 30 years of experience and has performed thousands of permanent make up applications. She constantly attends workshops and seminars and has developed advanced techniques including blending and softening colors and smudging and fading edges. A professional permanent make up application will enhance, define, and perfect your facial features.
Natural or dramatic results can be achieved.
See what you will look like before you are finished.
Permanent make up, permanent eye liner
We offer an indepth consultation.
Personalized creation.
Quick, painless application.
Follow up instructions.

Call me anytime for more information on any treatment