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**Acne Facials
**Oxygen Facials
**Organic Facials
**Pumpkin Peels
**Vitamin C Peels
**Kojic Peels
**Glycolic Peels
**Green Tea Peels
**Wine Peels
**TCA Peels
**Lightening Peels
**LED Facial Treatments
**LHE Facial Treatments
**Mega Dermabrasion
**Soft Laser
**Permanent Make Up
**Permanent Make Up Corrections

Denise yopp was nominated by the Boys and Girls club.... one of the 100 OUTSTANDING WOMEN OF BROWARD COUNTY!! 2014

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    A portion of the proceeds go to the following organizations.........
 **women in distress,   **Kids in distress  **Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer **Joe DiMaggio Children' hospital, **Best buddies, **Junior Acheivment, **Deliver the dream  **Make a wish ** A child is missing   **Jessica June Foundation **Autism Speaks   **4 Kid's Sake **Ghost light society        **American cancer society  **Ann Storch Center     **American lung association                        
Natural, Organic, botanical products No sulfates, sythetic or GMO ingredients
1.Promote cellular longevity..
Reduce damage, Past, Present and Future    
 2.Optimize skin repair and protection 
3. Re-educate muscle tone *Enhance oxygenation which induces cellular repair in tissues and cells.
    What makes us so different??
***No fluff stuff here!! We are result oriented. Advanced technology and high performance products provide              quick, dramatic results.
WHO WE ARE-   * Over 35 years of experience within the medical skin care industry. 
*Mrs. Yopp was the first medical esthetician and permanent make up artist in Florida. 
*Offering medical strength treatments and customized product formulations originating in medical laboratories not cosmetic companies are what makes us so successful. 
*The highest quality of pure ingredients blended with a vehicle to transport them into the skin cells and tissues makes them work efficiently. (This is a huge part of the success because most cosmetic products lay on the surface of the skin)
In order to obtain changes in the skin you must exfoliate the outer layer of the skin by removing the dead skin cells, oil, debris and make up clogging the surface. Infusing consentrated intensive vitamins, minerals and other scientifically proven ingredients in the tissues to plump, nourish and maintain the health of the skin. By stimulating the collagen and elasticity in the foundation of the skin keeps in tight and firm.
         Owner Denise Yopp began her career in New York, graduating with a C.I.D.E.S.C.O. diploma. As a member of the National Speakers Bureau, Mrs. Yopp has conducted seminars and lectures across the country, in charge of training other estheticians and physicians in cosmedical practices. Mrs. Yopp became the Regional director of Madeleine Mono Cosmetics where she was in control of development of education and sales. Eventually opening her own business of developing medi-clinics in dermatology and plastic surgery offices in Dade and Broward Counties. While working side by side with the Professor of the University of Miami Dermatology department, developing a medical approach to skin care, at which time there were no skin care products on the market of quality she developed her own with the help of a cosmetic chemist.  As Spa manager at the famous Fontainebleu Hilton Hotel on Miami Beach, and most recently, a college level instructor of a skin care program at Florida Career College
. Currently working at several locations in Dade and Broward Counties.
WHAT WE DO-we provide quick dramatic results with top notch, high quality, non invasive, scientifically proven treatments and home maintenance programs
High quality services and facial treatmentsMENTION THIS AD WHEN YOU REFER
 Don't be fooled........There are so many spas, salons, and physicians offices offering skin care treatments at reduced rates. Most of these places are saving money somewhere, either by giving clients inferior treatments, or using cheap ineffective products or equipment, and inexperienced technicians. GREAT EQUIPMENT, GREAT TECHNICIAN, AND GREAT PRODUCTS, EQUAL GREAT RESULTS!!~
Deep cleaning facials, peels, ultra peel, soft laser, microdermabrasion, Led therapy         
 The goal is to treat the skin from below the surface at the cellular level. 
Brown spots, sun spots, melasmaremoved brown spots, sun spots, melasmaethnic skin brown spots, hyperpigmentation, Feed the skin cells and tissues with nutrients that correct past and prevent future damage, achieving the highest level of healthy skin. By improving collagen and elasticity production, you boost the quality of the skin. Removing toxins provides tighter, firmer, clearer, brighter, healthier skin.
   Our signature treatments include:
                       ** FACIALS ** 

 Facials are available in many different varieties, each one imparts a different message into the skin cells. Some of these varieties include:
Deep cleansing,Acne, Vitamin c,collagen, oxygen, organic,anti-oxidant,menopause, facials for smoker's skin, anti-aging, age management, sun damaged, dull, dehydrated, clogged, or bumpy.

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL-  A medical facial  is designed  for providing results with issues you may have with your skin. A stronger concentration of products are used than those you find in spas or salons. An oil softening solution is applied for deeper removal of oil and bacteria in the pores. 
ACNE FACIALS- Also a medical facial an oil softening solution is applied and an antibacterial solution to prevent new clogs and breakouts. Followed by an at home regime to keep the pores clean.
VITAMIN C FACIALS- Vitamin C has been proven to stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, protects against free radicals and is a natural. After a skin anaylsis and deep cleansing a high quality vitamin c formula is penetrated into the tissues and cells of the skin followed by a vitamin c mask, and sealed in with a vitamin moisturzer. 
COLLAGEN FACIALS- After a thorough skin cleaning a collagen veil is penetrated deep into the skin. Collagen is found in the tissues of our skin. As we age, it's production slows down. A healthy amount of collagen is important for the firmness and flexibility, reduction in lines.                                                anti-oxidant, facials for menopause, smoker's skin, and age management treatments are also available.
imagesCA7YES3SOXYGEN FACIALS-Oxygen facials are extremely popular among celebrities such as Madonna. It created smoother, plumper, healthier skin and hides imperfections. Encourages circulation, increases collagen and blood flow and reduces toxins in the skin. A great facial to have before and event. Oxygen is infused into the tissues along with botanicals and vitamin nutrients.
ORGANIC FACIALS-A borage of organic products made of fruits, herbs and vegetables to clean nourish and protect the skin.

acneBAP- 0013 Layer-35[1]
ACNE FACIALS-A deep cleaning of dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria.  Techniques used to unclogg pores to begin the process of clearing acne and smoothing scars.
* LED PHOTO-FACIALS-LED works with the ebb and flow of the blood to stimulate and encourage the collagen and elasticity of the skin. It can produce collagen at up 400% faster than normal. This process strengthens the foundation of the skin much like building a muscle when you lift weights and you tone your muscles, the skin around it gets tighter and more firm.
*CHEMICAL PEELS--DESIGNER PEELS---including glycolic, vitamin peels, lightening, wine, stem cell, jessner's peels, (a full menu on next page)
Peels can be very mild to very strong depending on the type of peel. A peel freshens and brightens the surface of the skin and stimulates the skin cells encouraging quicker cell turnover rate. Quicker cell turnover rate is imperative for the health of your skin.
skin lines, wrinkles, smooth, collagen, elasticity


*MEGA-DERMABRASION-- - One of the only treatments that improves both the surface and below the surface of the skin. A custom calibrated machine uses two modalities which builds the integrity of the skin from inside out and the outside in. By encouraging the stimulation of collagen and elasticity in the lower layer, the foundation of the skin begins strengthening. We all know a strong foundation is important, If the foundation is weak, the skin ages and weakens quickly causing lines and wrinkles. It you unclogs the oil, dead skin cells and debris, dirt and make up that's imbedded in the pores resulting in cleaner, brighter,tighter and healthier skin. This treatment also includes 2 nourishing serums penetrated into the skin cells for quicker response.
 With the correct home care products the skin becomes healthier and more nourished. This treatment will Clear acne, scars, brown spots, bumps, lines, wrinkles, improves psorisis, rosacea and many other skin problems. With repetitive treatments at close intervals RESULTS ARE SEEN QUICKLY. 
No downtime! No risk! 

MICRO NEEDLING--Also known as collagen
induction stimulated the collagen production in skin. Shrinks pore size, removes scars, improves tone, firmness and clarity. Reverses aging process.

PHOTO FACIALS-treats skin with deep penetrating light and/or heat to intensify the stimulation the growth of new collagen and elasticity to lift, tighten and tone your skin. Reduces wrinkles, smooths skin tone, tighter pores, clears imperfections. A double strength treatment. No downtime!!           
SOFT LASER-Using two modalities to achieve quick, effective, results.A gentle zap into the muscles stimulate the skin to react by tightening and firming from the deepest layer to the surface.               
                         Skin Care treatments- 
                and Permanent make up-before and after

permanent make up
mh rm photo of melasma nonblative treatment[1]
Brown-Spot-Removal---Face 1
permanent lip liner, full lip
ethnic eyebrows, ethnic permanent make up
men's eyebrows permanent make up
mens hairstrokes, permanent make up hair strokes, hair simulation
permanent eyebrows, hair strokes, natural looking eyebrows

Before Full Lip


After Full Lip
maggie before[1]
maggie after brows full face[1]


                                                      New Two Tone Lip Color
ombre full lip, two tone permanent make up, fuller lips, full lip, pouty lip
                 How to choose a permanent make up technician.


                            THIS IS YOUR FACE,  YOUR WINDOW TO THE WORLD....   
Permanent make up....Perfect beauty.. everyday!  Make up perfectly applied enhances, defines and perfects your facial features.
    Price should not be on the top of your list for finding a permanent make up technician. You are not buying a dress, you are buying something worn on your face...every single day. ALL PERMANENT MAKE UP TECHNICIANS ARE NOT ARTISTS. IF THEY PULL OUT STENCILS FOR YOUR EYEBROWS.....RUN.
           **A technician should be artistic, educated and experienced.
  *Professionally applied eyebrows can make you look like you had an eye lift. Applied in a soft looking eyebrow pencil effect or natural hair strokes.  
  *Brighten and bring out your best feature, your eyes.... the windows to your soul..offered in various colors to enhance the color of your eyes.Performed in one or two shades for the ultimate natural look.
  *Lip liner can achieve the perfect shape of your lips, keep your lipsick on , make your lips look pouty or enlarged or even smaller if you desire.Performed in two or three shades to achieve a soft, natural appearance.
  *Beauty marks- carefully applied to look natural.
 I also do corrections, (color or shape)
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be excited you found us. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION, so we can get to know each other better and examine your needs and desires.
 natural, organic, botanical products, High quality, intensive ingredients, No sulfates, sulfides, synthetid dyes, GMO's
Most creams are thick bases of petroleum or mineral oil that lay on the surface of your skin. In order for a cream to be effective it must have a vehicle to allow it to absorb into the skin, thats how it feeds the skin tissues. Mrs. Yopp's products are formulated for total absorption.

A recommendation from Lee...
12/5/2013 From 
From a male perspective we frequently only care about how our spouse or significant other feels after visiting a specialist who helps improve their appearance.  I can tell you having seen the results of Ms. Yopp and her client's outcomes are startling and truly remarkable. Her caring nature and all encompassing approach to the beautification of a woman make her services second to none.
I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone seeking these services. 
7635057-pedicure-beauty-set-and-flower-closeup[1]NEW- 24 Karat Gold anti-aging serum
strengthens elasticity and firmness rejuvenates, repairs skin cells and ADDS HYDRATION  and gives the skin a healthy  glow!!
Now only $100.00 Compare with    
 LED or photo facial treatments...
Light emitting diodes are a scientifically proven skin therapy that penetrates down to the cellular level of the skin to energize skin cells, increase cellular growth and boost collagen production. Increases skin hydration, without heat or tissue damage, reduces visable signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, skin redness, rosacea, shrinks pore size, reduces excessive oil, helps improve cellulite. Dramatic improvement of tightening, toning, and clearing of the
 skin are visibly seen. 
sexy eyes, permanent eyeliner
Eye Perfection- A two part treatment. A nourishing eye treatment is applied am and pm., and a vitamin treatment disguised in a lipstick tube, applied all day long to keep eye area moist, pliable and wrinkle free.
New EYE GEL...with roller ball tightens and tones puffiness under the eye area..Now only $45.00 for both.